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TravLinkSolutions is led by John Boulding, an innovative and strategic senior executive with nearly 30 years’ experience as a CEO in the travel industry.

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John has held multiple additional directorships in worldwide travel organisations, and has worked in youth, first-class and luxury escorted touring; inclusive resorts; specialist and mass-market FIT; and inbound DMCHis team are experienced travel industry professionals: branding experts, marketers, product developers, media professionals, writers, video creatives, photographers and industry trainers all with wide experience across B2B and B2C environments.

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TravLinkSolutions is based in Switzerland but operates worldwide. It has extensive commercial and distribution relationships and media connections in UK, Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, SE Asia, India and China.

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Tel Switzerland: +41 79 192 53 06
Tel United Kingdom: +44 20 3239 6891
Tel United States: +1 315 636-0993


“The three qualities of people I most enjoy working with…”

Jeff Weiner, CEO at LinkedIn, posted this Venn Chart and comment back in 2014. Like Jeff, I feel that at the nexus of these three circles are the people I most enjoy working with, and I’m grateful to have the opportunity to do that throughout most of my career.

3 qualities

They Dream Big

  • People who can think at massive scale and without limitations.
  • Their vision is inspirational, well reasoned and will change the way teams solve a specific opportunity or challenge
  • Their ideas will transform the trajectory of a company.

They Get It Done

  • Being capable, credible and demanding excellence is an important value
  • Asking others to dream big without delivering on the vision might produce pie-in-the-sky thinking without results.
  • Those with sheer force of determination and inner resourcefulness however know how to go over, around walls or straight through the barriers put up by doubters, skeptics and those threatened by the realisation of visionary goals.

They Know How to Have Fun

  • I want to be surrounded by compassionate people
  • People who not only share a vision, but a genuine commitment to upholding their company’s culture and values.
  • They are team players, don’t take themselves too seriously, and they know how to have fun.


Note: The TravellingMan/TravLinkSolutions is an Associate Member of the United States Tour Operators Association. However, The TravellingMan/TravLinkSolutions is NOT a participant in the USTOA $1 Million Travelers’ Assistance Program and is not held by USTOA to certain other standards required of Active Members. 

Pics and credits: JB, Pixabay, Jeff Weiner