Strategy, Marketing & Communications

Effective Marketing

Effective marketing is so much more than promoting your product or service. The right strategy reaches prospective travellers and existing customers in a cost-effective manner, delivers a compelling message and drives enough new business to more than justify the expense. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to review current marketing efforts, develop objectives and shape a refined approach based on market analysis and insight.

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Reviewing Structure

An organisational structure review across a business, or in specific departments, can the key exercise in reshaping and optimising an organisation. The goals in TravLinkSolutions consultancy projects are often one or several of the following: to increase productivity and performance, eliminate dysfunction, clarify thinking, improve coordination, simplify processes and speed up decision-making.

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We will help you review the structure, using our experience to challenge the conventional, so you can motivate and inspire employees at all levels. People are your strongest asset and your profitability will soar when they, as stakeholders, feel valued, engaged and empowered to work to results based targets with customer service and product delivery at front of mind.

Branding and Design

Whether you need a big consulting project, or a one-off job, building an incredible strategy means little if you’ve no creative ideas. Equally, there is no point getting carried away creatively with ideas if there is no budget to support them. Our team in Geneva applies this attitude to every job: big or small, straightforward or complex, profitable or charitable.TravellingMan Web_ABOUT_approach

It’s a truism that business has no limits if you have the flair and imagination of genuinely creative thinkers. We’ll show how creative services deliver greater returns when they are thought out and implemented by business heads. Only when you ‘WOW’ your audience will you ‘WIN’ them. And, only when you ‘KNOW’ your audience can you ‘WOW’ them. Our team’s approach is to add analytics, strategy, planning and creativity to every part of the digital+print adventure.

Building Your Communications

As communications advisors, TravlinkSolutions has extensive associations with talented writers, bloggers, journalists, online influencers and travel media. We’ll help you strengthen and maintain the public image of your organisation, providing additional support for functioning departments or working with you to develop completely new resources. We’ll assist you in planning strategic communication and proactive media relations initiatives, as well as working to develop your online social media and blogging presence.

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Defining Your Business Purpose

As humans we all want to understand our purpose. It’s the definition of why we are here. Our reason for getting up in the morning. It’s the essential constituent for a business too. Your purpose will be bigger than any individual and will connect your own people with your customers and prospects.


Purpose is the organisation’s raison d’être beyond targets and profits and we’ll help you decipher it. The resulting understanding and buy-in from stakeholders will lead to exceptional performance, happier employees and greater profit. We’ll workshop with you and your people to define your business purpose. Defining your purpose will inspire your teams, engage your customers and transform your business.



Pics and credits: JB, Pixabay