Farewell is a lonely sound… honing your goodbyes

I’m leaving Insight Vacations for pastures and interests new at the end of August, so I was proud and pleased to be invited to attend both the Insight Vacations and The Travel Corporation (TTC) conferences in London last week. On Thursday night, at the kind invitation of Stanley Tollman and with the lyrics of Jimmy Ruffin’s … More Farewell is a lonely sound… honing your goodbyes

Road to Apulia 2

You will recall our family adventures thus far on our summer journey to the south of Italy (see Road to Apulia 1 if you don’t). Well, from hereon-in our tale steps up a pace as we get down to the business of our Puglia vacation proper. It’s 09.30 in the morning and it has been a … More Road to Apulia 2

…and now, Barcelona.

As the sickening news unfolded yesterday, and then through the night as the incident expanded, the world seemed to be heaving a collective sigh of resignation amid the shouts of outrage. Another beautiful city and its wonderful people caught up in a modern-day madness perpetrated by seriously misguided individuals. As the internal email of reassurance … More …and now, Barcelona.

Road to Apulia 1

As CEO of a major tour operator,  I took few summer holidays over the last 20 years. My responsibilities were across the business, so from May through October I worked closely with our teams as we knuckled down on the tough but intoxicating mix of developing and finalising the following year’s programs: the routes, guest experiences, final accommodation … More Road to Apulia 1

Robots at dawn… will journos and agents survive?

So I just read yesterday that Google is funding a new software project that will automate the writing of local news. Hmm. As a newly signed up blogger and, ahem, travel writer, I thought to myself: ‘John, you’ve got really poor instincts when it comes to timing; just as you launch ‘Travelling Man’, along comes a … More Robots at dawn… will journos and agents survive?

Travelling well… coping with long haul flights

Oh for the days when ‘jet travel’ meant ‘exotic’, ‘style’ and ‘fast’. In terms of air-speed, since the demise of Concorde we’ve not moved forward one iota, your average plane still trundles along at around 400-500 knots (about 550mph), as it did in 1960. The truth today is that a flight feels less of a pleasure … More Travelling well… coping with long haul flights