Overview of Travel Today

Markets & Growth

The international travel and leisure industry is experiencing a period of unprecedented change and growth. Consumer spend has grown enormously, but organisations within the industry are faced with increasingly complex issues in delivering product development, expansion to new markets, operational delivery, branding, digital innovation, sustainable growth and profitability.

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Changing Needs of Customers

Guest expectations have evolved. The rise of the millennial traveller and the use of mobile devices and apps are forcing companies to think again about how to attract and keep customers.

Information technology has influenced everything and these winds of change are blowing across generations, not just the young. Distribution has also been transformed. People are thinking differently and acting differently.

Travellers trust peer-to-peer and expect much more open interaction from businesses. They demand far higher levels of service and businesses are under intense pressure to surpass expectations in order to maintain customer loyalty.


Action Now

These major shifts call for confident responses by quick-thinking leaders – people who can respond to opportunities and effectively lead their teams through change, intuitively and analytically understand the evolving consumer.

Solutions and Connections

Sometimes, the seed to stimulate necessary change in a travel organisation for maximum result is hard for leaders to pinpoint. Similarly, successful product innovation or market growth won’t be as successful without teams having the changing aspirations of customers at front of mind, or the relevant experience or connections in a new destination or market. To make the leap effectively takes a realigning of focus through the business and down the line in sales, operations and every area of customer contact.


TravLink Solutions has the experience and expertise to address the fast moving evolution of the travel industry and will assist stakeholders in making their transformation.

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