VOX USA appoints Tom Markwell as new VP Sales

Global leader in tour guide systems ramps up the expansion of its B2B digital solutions business in North America.

[Scottsdale, AZ. June 19, 2018] Vox Network USA, the high-performance tour guide systems company, today announced the appointment of Tom Markwell as VP Sales.

Marc Colenbrander, Vox Networks President, said: “We are excited to have Tom join the team. He has wide commercial experience and industry knowledge and he’s experienced in bringing innovative concepts to market. Tom will work closely with new and existing partners to help them integrate tour-guide systems, venue audio guiding, smartphone technology and destination management and mapping tools with travelers’ journeys at every level.”

Tom Marc Elio
Picture (left-right): Marc Colenbrander, President Vox USA; Tom Markwell, VP Sales; Elio Epifani, President Vox Group.

Markwell is equally positive. He told us: “In a world where travel apps are omnipresent, Vox technology stands out as by far the simplest and best solution for travel providers looking to enhance their customer experience. I’ve worked with Vox in the past and was always impressed with their quality and service. The company has fantastic products and is one of the biggest names in tourism services, with over 50 offices around the world.

“I will be reaching out to tour operators, travel agents, hotels, museums and venues to show how our apps and hardware can transform the way they may interact with their customers.  Our versatile POPGuide app provides high-quality audio guiding for venues and museums, along with itinerary mapping, push notifications, documentation hosting, customized points of interest and detailed trend-data reporting. Long-lease Vox2Go on the other hand, brings free international calls and data for travelers, using the latest model smartphones with bespoke interface technology and state-of-the-art destination and tour management software.”

Elio Epifani, Vox Group President, supports the views of Colenbrander and Markwell: “The success of our products world-wide comes from end-user satisfaction. Offline, geo-tagged navigation means our partners’ guests are at ease in unfamiliar places since they never get lost; they always find the best experiences; and they may interact with stories and culture from locals and regional experts.”

Before joining Vox, Markwell previously held senior executive roles at WWII Museum, French America Lines and Haimark.

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