On the road again

Every once in a while a life changing opportunity comes along and, with a screech of brakes and a squealing of tyres, parks itself slap in your driveway.

Such a moment happened this summer when I said goodbye to global tour operator Insight Vacations after completing 20 amazing years as CEO. I’d previously doubled this legacy through numerous other travel industry roles and businesses, including start-ups, private companies and multi-nationals… so I go back a long way. I’ve loved my life in travel and I’m hugely grateful for the opportunities presented – but this new milestone caused me to reflect on things. Whatever the road ahead holds for me, hereon in I intend to give back through sharing my experiences and knowledge.

My qualifications lie in the truly unique perspectives and insights my travel experience has given me, and I’ll use this to benefit my readers. I’ll help crack codes on confusing travel industry language, explain some business best-practice, share practical advice on current affairs, tell a few darn good yarns of true-life experiences and report on some of my fantastic travel adventures. I’ll also introduce you to some of the locals and characters I’ve met (and will meet) and got to know through the decades; because seeing local life, through their eyes, brings so much more depth to the travel experience.

And then there is the food. Today, culinary experiences are one of the major reasons to travel. I’ve enjoyed some of the most memorable dining experiences on the planet; simple family style meals in homes or small trattoria; cooking with locals in their homes or in upmarket country villas; and savouring knockout epicurean dining in the finest eateries.

My plan is to cover a different slant on travel. From the inside, looking out. I hope you enjoy my views, commentary and stories.


14 thoughts on “On the road again

  1. John, I so enjoyed our conversations and stories over the years. Now more folks will be exposed to your travels throughout the World. Great idea and I look forward to your written words. I know our paths will cross sooner than later my friend.


  2. Great job. Looking forward to your insights (no pun intended) and nice to be reading what you are writing instead of writing what you are saying for a change. Will book myself a seat on your blog. All the best!


      1. When Beyonce said “to the left” I would hesitate, but your instructions JB are meant to be followed no questions asked!


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