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‘TravLinkSolutions’ is a B2B service specialising in the leisure travel industry. Our purpose is to help DMCs, wholesalers, travel agents and NTOs expand their business, innovate their products and adapt to new channels. We’ll represent your interests, build new markets, develop new ideas, and improve operating profitability and market share.  TravLinkSolutions was founded by John Boulding, a travel industry insider with over 40 years as a senior executive and CEO.

John is currently CEO of Vox S.p.A., the global leader in tour guide systems that is a driving force in developing cutting edge B2B and B2B2C application destination and audio technology for smartphones.

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‘The TravellingMan’ is John’s personal brand, a vehicle for sharing the experiences and knowledge he has accumulated over 40 years as a global traveller, businessman, travel insider and senior industry executive. John will bring colour and life to travel videos, keynote speaking, presentations, conference moderating, media presenting and blogging, through dramatic storytelling, insightful commentary and good humour.


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Vox Tours is an Associate Member of the United States Tour Operators Association. However, Vox Tours is NOT a participant in the USTOA $1 Million Travelers’ Assistance Program and is not held by USTOA to certain other standards required of Active Members. 

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